First Friday in Nyack

Antique Store in Nyack

Last night we went to Nyack for their First Friday night. I took along my younger studio assistant to expose him to different types of art. We started with a quick visit to the beautiful Hopper House where there was a group show of paintings. The Hopper House set the tone for the night for me, and as we walked around town I couldn’t help but think of Edward Hopper’s paintings. Next we went to the restaurant Johnny Cakes where we saw a wonderful exhibit featuring art by Janet Lennon and photos by Bob Lynn. We had a “Nighthawks” moment as we sat at the counter and had a strawberry milkshake and coffee. At that point I realized I had left my iPhone in the car so I wasn’t able to take any pictures. After a quick trip back to the car we walked along the Main Street and visited some of the other shops. We came upon a candy store where they were blasting the Tom Tom Club’s song “Genius of Love” and we danced around the jars of candy (my young studio assistant loves to dance even when it might seem inappropriate). There was an artist live painting in the window of the store and artwork hanging throughout the store. Next we walked past a dance studio where a young, dark haired gentlemen was ballroom dancing with a woman in a tight grey dress while her husband/boyfriend stood by looking a little annoyed. Nyack at night seemed magical as we walked past large Victorian houses, antique stores and little candle lit cafes.


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