Portrait of Sylvia – #MadeWithLove

Sylvia For JKPP

One of my friends recently showed me her new bracelets made by a company named Alex & Ani. I was really interested in how they are marketing their jewelry and how they are using Instagram and Facebook. On their website and packaging they have written “Made in America with Love”. It made me think about how many products can say they are made with love.

I have been working on my portrait project with Julia Kay’s Portrait Party on Flickr for about three years. I’ve done about 240 portraits so far of mostly people I have never met and will probably never meet. We work from photos that the person has posted without really knowing anything else about that person. I like to think of each portrait as a gift that I am giving the subject. I want to portray each person in a way that shows their beauty. By chance, I am reading a book and a line popped out at me “Make your work an expression of love”. As I continue on with this project I will try make each portrait with love in mind.



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3 responses to “Portrait of Sylvia – #MadeWithLove

  1. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] I consider this to be a very beautiful portrait!

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