Mobile Digital Art By David Scott Leibowitz


I am very fortunate to be part of the book “Mobile Digital Art: Using the iPad and iPhone as Creative Tools” by David Scott Leibowitz. The description of the book on Amazon is as follows:

Learn how to create beautiful artwork on your iPad or iPhone. Over 65 expert artists from around the world will show you how they created their original art, from inspiration and conceptualization, to the creation of the final image. Using step-by-step examples and easy-to-follow tutorials, you’ll learn how to create stunning images on your iPad or iPhone. Learn more about using the apps you already have, like Brushes, and discover new apps that will enhance your art creation like Sketchbook Mobile, Layers, Collage, Juxtaposer, Hiptamatic, and PhotoFX. Whether you are taking you first steps into digital art, or are an accomplished artist looking to broaden your skill set, Mobile Digital Art covers it all – how to turn photographs into oil paintings, design cartoons from scratch and create beautiful landscape vistas – all on your iPad or iPhone.

The coffee table book is beautifully produced and contains tutorials and paintings that you can refer back to over and over again. The also book contains a directory of the contributing artists’ websites so that you can discover more of their work.

Back in May the Grassy Noel Gallery held a book signing event along with an exhibit of David’s artwork. It was a fun evening of demonstrations and music. Artists from the book who attended were Corliss Blakely, Dan Hoffman, David and myself.

Dan, Myself, Corliss, David and Noel

Finger painting demos

Our work on the screens above us


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