Molly Crabapple’s Shell Game Opening in NYC

Rita Flores-Molly Crabapple-shell game-art-NYC

Last weekend I was really fortunate to attend the Kickstarter backer opening for Molly Crabapple’s Shell Game Exhibit in NYC. The exhibit was successfully funded through Kickstarter last year, and as one of the backers I was able to see updates of the artwork as they progressed. It was amazing to see all the completed paintings hanging in the gallery along with the watercolor studies. The paintings were very detailed and had beautifully painted surfaces. You can read more about the exhibit and its origins in this Rolling Stone article.

The opening had a performance by Kim Boekbinder (who has also successfully Kickstarted a concert tour). It also featured Stoya in a bath tub bathing in Molly’s one million dollar bills.

It is really exciting to see how Molly Crabapple is using Kickstarter to change the way artists are interacting with their audience and working outside of the gallery system. I’m really looking forward to seeing what she does next.





Kim Boekbinder-shell game-NYC-art


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