Awesome April: @GalaDarling

Portrait Of @GalaDarling-art-iPad-Rita Flores-drawing

This is a portrait of Gala Darling for my Awesome April Project. I have been following Gala Darling’s blog since 2010 and have found a lot of inspiration from her writing. This is my third portrait of Gala and you can see the older portraits here and here.

I love Gala’s fashion sense! She was one of the first beauty bloggers that I have followed who I actually could relate to what she wore. She also writes about her travels and she always finds the fun and magical aspects of each city she visits! I have been to New York City many times but Gala always finds different landmarks or restaurants and makes them seem new and exciting.

Gala is also one of the “Head Mistresses” of the Blogcademy. Along with Nubby Twiglet and Kat Williams, these wonderfully creative women have been bringing their knowledge of blogging to different cities around the world. They are coming back to New York in June and I have to be there! For each city they are offering one scholarship for the workshop so in conjunction with my Awesome April Project I am working on a Get Me To the Blogcademy project. I will be making portraits of each of the HeadMistresses and I am contemplating making a video. So wish me luck and check back for more portraits!



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2 responses to “Awesome April: @GalaDarling

  1. That portrait is so cool, I love it! Lots of luck with your project!

    • Rita Flores

      Thanks! I was looking at some of the photos from the LA Blogcademy and it looked like an everyone had an amazing time!

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