Awesome April: @Michellejoni

Michellejoni-art-drawing-Rita Flores-iPad art

I discovered @MichelleJoni initially through the Fest for Beatle Fans as @BEATLES_Fest. We have been going to this yearly festival for more years than I care to mention and it was neat to follow their activity through social media. Shortly after that I discovered her personal Twitter feed and just recently found her Instagram. I love her colorful clothes and wigs (especially the one on this portrait) and her infectious enthusiasm!

You can find out more about her at


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5 responses to “Awesome April: @Michellejoni

  1. IMpressed


  2. This is now my Facebook profile picture! You are so talented and I am honored that you have created such a beautiful piece. Do you come to NY or Chicago Fest? I hope we can meet soon and so not stop what you are doing! xo Michelle Joni

    • Rita Flores

      Thanks so much Michelle! I am hoping to go to the Fest in NYC in February and we will certainly say hi! My husband and I have been going to the New Jersey Fest since the 80’s and now one of my sons looks forward to it all year long.

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