Dr. Sketchy’s Presents Speakeasy Dollhouse

Dr. Sketchy Speakeasy Dollhouse session

Last weekend I went to a special Speakeasy Dollhouse Dr. Sketchy at the beautiful Slipper Room in NYC. Speakeasy Dollhouse is an immersive play written by Cynthia Von Buhler. The models were Kat Mon Dieu and Katelan Foisy, who are both actresses in the show. Silent James, Esther Westwood and Scott Southard, also actors from the show, were in the audience drawing. I loved the jazz music that played throughout the session.

This is another example of a Dr. Sketchy where I wish I could have taken pictures because their costumes were amazing and they posed so well together. If you get a chance try to catch a performance of Speakeasy Dollhouse because it is a truly unique experience.

Dr. Sketchy-Speakeasy Dollhouse-drawing-art-
dr. Sketchy-art-Speasy dollhouse-drawing
Dr. Sketchy-speakeasy dollhouse-art-drawing

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