On My Easel: What I’m Working on Now

My easel: works in progress

I’ve recently started experimenting with printing on different types of paper and surfaces, as well as painting on the printed surfaces. I have an inexpensive Epson wireless printer so that I can print directly from my iPad. The artwork in the middle is printed on Strathmore Pastel paper with a textured surface. The tinted sheets are 80 pounds and go through the printer without getting jammed. They have a nice tooth for oil and dry pastel and I also find it nice for acrylic paint, even though it curls up a little. The smaller picture on the right is is also printed on the Strathmore paper and is painted with acrylic and gel medium. I think the textured paper gives the print more of a hand made feeling. In my recent show I exhibited work where I transferred the image onto boards and that was also a nice surface to work on. I am also beginning to work with collage elements and will post them soon. It’s very exciting because it’s taking me back to painting and I feel like the artwork will go to a new level.


Portrait of Christine-Acrylic on Canvas using image transfer film


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