Portrait of Julia Kay-Two Ways

Julia Kay - ArtRage version

ArtRage on iPad version

This is a portrait of Julia Kay of Julia Kay’s Portrait Party. I really liked the colors and patterns in her original photo and I thought it would be a great challenge. I created the original portrait using Inkpad on my iPad. Next I imported it into ArtRage and modified it using the pastel, pencil and oil brushes. I like that you can get a mixed media effect that does not have a “computer graphics” look. I love the marks that you can make with the pencil and the way you can vary the size of the line. I used the “Watercolor” canvas setting which has a great texture and is great for using with the pastel brush because you can get a nice scumbled effect.

Congratulations to the members of Julia Kay’s Portrait Party for reaching (and surpassing) 25,000 portraits!!! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s work as the group grows and progresses.


Inkpad on iPad version-texture added with ArtRage

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