Summer Etsy Flash Sale


Last summer around this time I had a small yard sale. This year I’ve decided to have a Flash Sale in my Etsy Shop to find my prints some new homes. I’ve reduced the prices for the prints to $12.00 (the price of a Dr. Sketchy session) and will include one of my new rounded edge cards in the order, along with some bonus stickers. I will also add some free stickers in with every sticker order. If you are interested in any of the prints in different sizes please contact me and I can have them printed on demand.

I would love to have some feedback on my shop also. How can I make it better? Does anyone have any helpful hints on selling through Etsy?


My round edge Moo cards that will be included in the order (pick your fave!)

Moo-round-stickers-free with order

These round Moo stickers will be included in print order – they are about the size of a poker chip.


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