Lt. Uhura of Star Trek: Inkpad on iPad


I created a portrait of Lt. Uhura from Star Trek using Inkpad and PicGrunger. I worked a little differently this time because I imported the PicGrunger version into Inkpad and used version that with the masking tool to add texture to the shapes. I usually use Sketchbook Pro to combine the different versions and then erase what I don’t want. The one biggest challenge is making sure the sizes of the Inkpad and PicGrunger version are exactly the same so everything lines of properly.


Inkpad Version


PicGrunger Version using the creased filter



Filed under Art, Collage, iPad Art

2 responses to “Lt. Uhura of Star Trek: Inkpad on iPad

  1. Beautiful! I think I prefer the one without the creased filter.

    • Rita Flores

      Thanks! The great thing about iPad art is that you can make multiple variations of the artwork without losing the original version.

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