Preparing for Michael Nobbs’ New Mini Course


This week I am very excited about taking Michael Nobbs’ new minicourse “Get the one thing a day habit”. I’ve been following Michael’s blog “Sustainably Creative” for the last two years and I’ve also been following him on Twitter. He also has some wonderful ebooks on creativity and drawing. I’m trying to decide whether I should do the course using pencil and paper or my iPad or I might even just switch off and use different ones each day. The minicourse runs from Monday, May 7 through Sunday, May 13 so if you haven’t signed up yet they’re still a chance to do so.



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2 responses to “Preparing for Michael Nobbs’ New Mini Course

  1. Hi Rita, Thanks to you I have signed up the Michael Nobbs’ new minicourse which I didn’t know till this morning. I’ll use my iPad to do the course. By the way, I always enjoy seeing your artworks!

  2. Rita Flores

    Great! I’m looking forward to seeing your work too!

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