My New Moo Cards and Thoughts on “Branding”

New Moo business cards

I just received my new Moo rounded edge business cards in the mail and I love how they turned out. I initially ordered 50 to see how they would look and I’m already wishing I got more. The good news is I can reorder as I run out. I really like the weight of the paper and how vibrant the colors are. They feel like small playing cards.

I have been thinking about “branding” and how to use it more effectively to promote my artwork. I have been using my vector drawings for promotional materials like cards and stickers because they seem to print well and I get good responses to the images. I have been placing my stickers on my Moleskine sketchbooks when I go to drawing classes and on my old iPhone case. What memorable cards or promotional items have you gotten that really stayed with you (and alternatively, what has gotten tossed?). I would love to get your feedback on your thoughts on branding for artists.

My Moleskine sketchbooks with Stickers and cards

Starlets, superheroes and scary movie queens

My new round stickers


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