Percolate My QR Code!


Since getting the Percolator app for my iPad I’ve been experimenting with the various filters to see what they can do. I decided to test out whether I could Percolate my QR code and would I still be able to scan it. I tried out the Star setting on Percolator and i tested it out as I went along. Next I wonders if I could import the star QR code into Toonpaint and ArtRage to make a more colorful and abstract QR code. The color version still works but I think the phone has to be very carefully aligned to the QR code. Eventually I want to make new Moo round stickers of my QR codes to distribute and stick on promotional materials. I am still working on the idea of incorporating the QR codes into my artwork, as in the picture above where I used Tooncamera and Sketchbook Pro on the iPad.

Percolated QR Code

Toonpaint and ArtRage on iPad


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