What Does Siri Look Like?

Portrait Of Siri

A couple of weeks ago the good people at Nomad Brush ask myself and several other artists to create artwork depicting what we think Siri would look like for their Tech Talk at Macworld 2012. I thought it would be a fun challenge so I first spent several days trying to get a mental picture of what she would look like. I decided since the deadline was quickly approaching to use myself as the model (since I was both available and cheap). I imagined Siri to be sort of Cyber punk, hence the pink and purple hair. I also wanted a sort of ageless look, someone who if you glimpsed at in the corner of your eye you weren’t really sure how old she was. Even though it is not as obvious in the picture, she is wearing a turtleneck as an homage to Steve Jobs. I used the Inkpad app for the drawing and added the words using Wordfoto. I put everything together using Sketchbook Pro on my iPad.

Coincidently, after I finished the picture Big Bang Theory had an episode where Raj dreamed about Siri, and she was quite different from mine! I imagine that men and women have very different ideas of what she might look like.

You can see other versions of Siri on the Nomad website. There was also a post about it in Cult of Mac:


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