Retro Destination: The Bendix Diner

Breakfast @ Bendix Diner

Last weekend we went to the Bendix Diner in Hasbrouk Heights, New Jersey for breakfast. We usually judge a diner by how good the breakfast food and coffee is. The Bendix Diner has been around for 72 years and is probably one of the few diners in New Jersey that hasn’t been renovated to look more like a regular restaurant. It might be considered more of a truck stop or greasy spoon. I love the neon sign on top of the building which reads “good coffee” and the name of the diner in big block letters. From what I have read online it has been used for a lot of tv commercials and some movies, such as Jersey Girls and Boys on the side. It reminded me of a scene from Goodfellas, and as we left I noticed a picture of Robert Dinero behind the counter.



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6 responses to “Retro Destination: The Bendix Diner

  1. Bill had a blind waiter when he ate there years ago. I’ve always been hesitant to go in because it’s always empty when we drive by and seems a little too greasy. But your plate of food looks awesome. I love the comic book panels!

    • Rita Flores

      I read something online about the blind waiter! I mean, that would definitely make it worth the trip. The food might be too greasy for you, Dylan could only eat half his burger, even though he said he really liked it. But fortunately Eric had no problem finishing it for him.

  2. I have another Retro Destination for you–Chan’s Dragon Inn in Ridgefield. Still has the old tiki/Polynesian decor. And the 1970s levels of MSG in the food. If you ever want to go sometime let me know! You will get some amazing photos, I promise.

    • Rita Flores

      Yes, I would definitely like to go some time. I was just thinking as I wrote this that I need suggestions for future places. I love the tiki bar theme, especially the cups with mermaids on them and the blow fish lamps!

  3. Joseph Hofmann

    A trip down Rt. 22 south, starting in Union will yield tons of cool retro signage and joints. Same with Rt. 1 south. You do some great work! Best to Sammy-boy!

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