Zatanna – Dr. Sketchy NNJ at Blick Art Materials

Zatanna - Dr. Sketchy NNJ @ Blick Art Materials

One of my favorite characters that Scarlet Stepford “cosplayed” at the Dr. Sketchy NNJ session at Blick Art Materials was Zatanna. Zatanna is part of the DC Universe and has been part of several cartoons and tv shows like Smallville. I looked up the character on Google and found that she is very popular with cosplayers and found a lot of pictures of various people dressed like her.

In these two pictures I used a combination of Sketchbook Pro and ArtRage on the iPad. I was experimenting with different “brushes” in Sketchbook Pro, especially the paint splatter brushes and another brush that creates various sized circles. I imported the Sketchbook Pro artwork into ArtRage to give it a more textured, painterly look using the flat oil brush.



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2 responses to “Zatanna – Dr. Sketchy NNJ at Blick Art Materials

  1. One of my favorite comic book characters. Love the background you created here!

  2. Rita Flores

    Thanks! She was an excellent model who does burlesque and cosplay. She had several costumes (including Officer Jenny from Pokemon) and really got into the different characters.

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