Vampira: Inkpad and Sketchbook Pro on iPad


The other night I was searching for images of Elvira and came across Vampira and ended up watching lots of You Tube videos of her and reading her bio online. I had been aware of Vampira (I even have a t-shirt with her famous Plan 9 from Outer Space pose) but I really didn’t know about her history.

Maila Nurmi created the Vampira character and was the first tv horror show host. Her character was very campy and made fun of the horror movies that were featured on her show. If you are of a certain age you remember these types of shows growing up, and there were different hosts all over the country. I vaguely remember Zacherly and Wofman Jack having shows in the New York/Metro area.

I’ve found a lot of great images and videos of Vampira/Maila Nurmi, especially a quite surreal parody of the Honeymooners with Red Skelton and Peter Lorrie. There are also a lot of great interviews with her at the end of her life talking about how she created the character.

In this picture I used Inkpad on the iPad and added textures with PicGrunger and Steampunk PhotoTada. I used Sketchbook Pro to layer the textures together. I added in the skull and candles to give it a “vanitas” theme.


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