Mobile Art Con 2011: Jonathan Grauel and Fabric Lenny’s Woven Narratives

Jonathan Grauel and Fabric Lenny at MobileArtCon 2011

It’s been almost two weeks since Mobile Art Con 2011 and I’m still processing all the information from the weekend. Another highlight of the conference for me was Jonathan Grauel and Fabric Lenny’s keynote presentation on their Woven Narratives collaboration. It was really fascinating to see their creative process at work and how their work has changed and grown over the course of the year that they have been collaborating. Another amazing aspect of their collaboration is how their work has literally “jumped” from the screen with their printed work and soft sculptures exhibited in Saltaire.

Jonathan Grauel inviting the audience to create a collaborative artwork

A soft sculpture based on their artwork

If you weren’t able to make it to the conference you can still see a video of their wonderful presentation here. You can see more of their narratives here on their website. You can also see their individual sites here and here.


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