MobileArCon 2011: David Kassan’s ArtRage on iPad Demo

David Kassan Demo @ MobileArtCon 2011

One of the highlights of the MobileArtCon last weekend was David Kassan’s ArtRage demonstration and master class. As I’ve mentioned before, ArtRage is the kind of app where you can use it for a year and not even scratch the surface of all the various tools and surfaces available, so I am always interested in seeing how other artists use the app. David Kassan started out his painting on a grey surface and used the airbrush brush to first lay in the larger area of color. The artists in the audience also worked from the model at the same and during the second half of the session David Kassan gave critiques on the individual works.

I found the way he built up the surfaces using the brushes and palette knife very interesting. He used a Nomad Brush, as opposed to a traditional stylus or his finger. I just got the Nomad Brush over the weekend and It really does emulate the feeling of painting with a brush. ArtRage and the Nomad Brush are a great combination and really compliment each other.

You can see a short Ustream video of David Kassan at the conference (and if you look closely you will see me in the audience).


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