Hipstamatic 225 and Wicker Park HipstaPak

Lucas ab2 test shot

Yesterday there was a Hipstamatic update and the release of the new Wicker Park Hipstapak.

The description of the pak from the Hipstamatic site is:

“Ride the Loop into your abandoned creative factory with the Wicker Park Hipstapak. This pak is perfect for those nights out clinking glasses at dimly lit, independently owned establishments. With a distinctly urban feel, the golden glow of the Lucas AB2 lens is like looking at the world through a tall glass of PBR. It’s golden tones and slight desaturation will produce warm, rich prints rich up until last call. The Jolly Rainbo 2X Flash lights up even the dimmest of padded booths, and even compliment the glow of that swanky neon light above your head. Complete with reclaimed wood paneling from the Chicago Transit Authority, the Damen Camera Case catches the eye of even the sleepiest Blue Line commuter as you pull it from your fanny pack to capture the world in Wicker Park.

Included in the Pak:
Lucas AB2 Lens
Dunked in a fine golden brown glow, the Lucas AB2 produces amazingly rich prints.

Jolly Rainbo 2X Flash
Take Great shots even in the darkest light with this jovial strobe

Damen Camera Case
Whip out your Hipsta as you ride the Blue Line. Includes reclaimed wood paneling from the CTA.”

I will have to be sure I use this pack next time I visit a darkened bar to see how it works. I took some quick test shots in my studio of a still life just to get a feel for the colors. I will post more shots as I test out the lens with different films.

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One response to “Hipstamatic 225 and Wicker Park HipstaPak

  1. Kara Elizabeth

    Personally, I found the new lens to be a washed-out version of the Tejas lens (the Tejas lens I love, but so far I do not love the new lens), & no vignette in the new lens pics like they advertise in their sample pics (I hope that’s not just me, but I doubt it, I have an up-to-date iPhone4). As for the new flash, it *darkens* the pics for me & brings out more color (the opposite of what I expected, & it’s not my phone- I have an up-to-date iPhone4.) Maybe the new lens will be useful in low-light situations like the Jimmy, & the new “flash” seems to have potential. We’ll see. I wish they’d put out lenses with random blurring effects, double exposures (different than the Dali lens), etc. What does everyone else think and experience with the new lens & flash?

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