Retro Destination: Wildwood Neon

One of the things I love about Wildwood is the abundance of neon signs on almost every motel and hotel on the strip. Many of the signs are the originals which have been preserved or refurbished to fit the Doo Wop theme. I imagine that the main drag is a little like a smaller version of the Las Vegas strip in the 1960’s. I took all of the pictures using Hipstamatic set on random to get a variety of different looks. I found that the Hornbecker lens and Pistili film combination worked pretty well at night.



Filed under Art, Hipstamatic, Landscapes, photography

2 responses to “Retro Destination: Wildwood Neon

  1. I was psyched when I knew you were going to Wildwood because I knew you’d come back with great photos! I have always loved the Laura’s Fudge sign.

    • Rita Flores

      Thanks! I went on a Wildwood message board site to look at different signs before we went and luckily some were within walking distance from our motel. I took over 100 photos but will post them a little at a time. I could spend days just taking photos there (and now I’m regretting not trying some of Laura’s Fudge).

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