Kim Boekbinder Redefines The Rock Tour

Kim Boekbinder - The Impossible Girl

The first time I saw Kim Boekbinder perform was at Dr. Sketchy’s Tribute to Andy Warhol’s Factory. Her set was amazing and incredibly fun, so when I became aware of her last KickStarter project I had to become a backer. She pre sold her show in New York through KickStarter and had some incredible incentives for backers, like a poster with Molly Crabapple’s artwork designed just for the show.

If you missed the New York show now you have a chance to be a part of her Impossible Tour KickStarter. You can be part of her historic tour by backing her in any one (or all) of her 10 date US tour. Here is more info on Kim Boekbinder and the Impossible Tour:

Iconoclastic New York musician, Kim Boekbinder, has set the internet abuzz with her passionate rant about the state of the music industry and how she’s decided to circumvent the broken system by using her vibrant social media presence to pre-sell her shows BEFORE they are even booked. Kim’s first test run of the idea was launched on Kickstarter and she got her funding for a show in New York City in under 24 hours. Now she’s doing a 10 date US tour:

Ms. Boekbinder’s “Impossible Tour” idea has been featured on CCN Money, BBC Radio’s World Service, and BoingBoing. The attention generated from the story has her email inbox flooded with thank you messages from fans, musicians, and venues; as well as offers from internet startups trying to address the very issues that she is dealing with.

Kim Boekbinder is The Impossible Girl; a performer, composer, musician, and visual artist who defies genre. She has travelled the world, stealing hearts and changing paradigms with her indelible live performance and her excitingly original and unforgettable music.


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