Retro Destination: White Manna Hamburgers in Hackensack, NJ

White Manna

Today we stopped for cheeseburgers and a shake at White Manna in Hackensack, New Jersey. I’ve driven past this little hamburger joint for years but this was my first visit. This White Manna has been around since 1946 and is one of the oldest diners in this area. There are usually lines out the door of people who love their little hamburgers, which are also known as sliders.

The inside is incredibly small. It looks like the kind of place that Edward Hopper would have painted. There is only counter seating for around 12 and the hamburger grill is sort of in the middle of the counter area. The burgers are made as they are ordered. The wait seemed long only because the smell of the burgers and onions frying makes you even more hungry.


The Dining Area


The neon wasn’t on today but I still love the sign.



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6 responses to “Retro Destination: White Manna Hamburgers in Hackensack, NJ

  1. My dad brought us there when we were kids. I don’t eat burgers any more but they will give you a bun with cheese if you ask. 🙂

    • Rita Flores

      I can’t believe I’ve never been there since I’ve been to almost every other diner around. I was going to add that this is not really an ideal place for vegetarians but a bun with that nice gooey cheese sounds good.

  2. Your pictures look so old, beautyiful authentic and of the times. nice shots.

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