Retro Destination: Land of Make Believe in Hope, New Jersey

Land of make believe

We recently visited Land of Make Believe Amusement Park in Hope, New Jersey. It was like traveling back in time because this quaint little amusement and water park has not changed much since it opened 57 years ago. There are a lot of attractions that i saw the first time when I visited as an 8 year old. There are charming little attractions such as the talking scarecrows, Santa’s Barn and the Candy Cane Forest. I remember being fascinated by the story of Jenny Jump, and the water fall where her father urged her to jump after being chased by Indians.

We spent a lot of time at the water park which is the newest addition to the park. Music from a Sirius station that played 60’s music was playing over the loud speakers and we heard lots of retro bands like the Beach Boys, the Doors, the Monkees and Bob Dylan’s “Lay, Lady Lay” while waiting on line for the water slides.

Wishing Wheel

Water Park

Santa’s Barn


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