Spreading the Hipstamatic Love

Hipstamatic runs a Facebook Friday promotion every week where they take a certain percentage off printing or gives free shipping. Last week I was lucky to get 24 7 x 7 inch hipstaprints for free through this promotion. They arrived on Monday(!!!) and came out wonderfully. To pay it forward I would like to give away my print of my still life with head vase (pictured below). Please leave a comment and I will pick a winner randomly out of a hat on Sunday.







Filed under Hipstamatic, iPhone Art, photography

4 responses to “Spreading the Hipstamatic Love

  1. Stunning…Simply stunning.

  2. Your unique work always inspires.

  3. Rita Flores

    Thanks so much for visiting and leaving the wonderful comments. We picked a name out of a hat and it was (drum roll)…….David! But I would like to send some of my stickers to everyone who entered so send me a private message with your address to rflores63@optimum.net and I will send them out. Thanks again all!

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