Thank You Moo!!!

Julie and The Flamingo

I’m sending out a big thank you to Moo for featuring my #CityStickers entry in their newsletter and and including it in their blog post. Their contest challenged people to put their round Moo stickers on something that represents what they like about their city. I had just received my order of Moo stickers in the mail and decided to give it a try. I was trying to think of something that’s not really a New Jersey cliche, but represents my own personal view of where I live. Luckily I didn’t have to travel beyond my backyard to find this pink flamingo.

Here is a screen shot from the email newsletter:


I’m looking forward to seeing other entries from around the world.



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2 responses to “Thank You Moo!!!

  1. I love this! The colors are wonderful. I hope you win. And let me know when you start selling prints of your stuff!

    • Rita Flores

      Thanks so much Tracey! Let’s keep our fingers crossed. I found a place nearby, Blick Art Suplies, that makes really great quality prints on fine art quality paper so I am going to make up some samples and set up an Etsy shop soon. I’ll keep you posted!

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