Steve Keene’s Fresh Art at Blast Gallery

I am really excited about Steve Keene’s show of album cover art at Blast Gallery. I stopped by the Gallery yesterday and was amazed at seeing all the artwork hanging together from floor to ceiling.

For this show, Steve painted 140 (140!) album covers. The Beatles, Sonic Youth, The Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash, Sonny Rollins, Animal Collective, The Beach Boys, Kiss, and on and on… It was fun to see some albums I actually had in my old record and CD collection, like Belle and Sebastian and Morrissey. The exhibit brings back great memories of when I was a kid looking through the record bins of DiscoMat and Sam Goodies. Album covers were one of my early influences in art. I really miss the tangible quality of albums.

The opening reception will be on July 9th and the exhibit will be open until August 1st. The artwork is incredibly affordable so if you would like to have some original art on your walls you should check out this show.



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2 responses to “Steve Keene’s Fresh Art at Blast Gallery

  1. Love it! I bet you didn’t know that I have a Steve Keene in my Florida Room. I chose it as a premium for pledging to WFMU years ago. It’s a cowboy on a horse named Lee. Also, I had no idea that Blast was in Teaneck! I will definitely do my best to make it out there.

  2. Rita Flores

    Yes, in addition to the art there’s a lot of fun jewelry, cd and housewares. (they also have Mexican wrestling masks) Best of all you can stop at Bischoffs afterward!

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