Creating a QR Code for the Techno Challenged

My QR Code

I recently received an email newsletter from Moo that said “According to the tech world, QR codes are the new black.” You may have seen QR codes in magazines or on billboards and not really thought about them. You can use a QR reader app on your smart phone to access the link by aiming your phone at the QR code. I wondered how could I get a QR code. Do you need a special program to make it? I googled QR codes and found this Mashable article that gives all the steps. I picked the site rather randomly and found that making a QR code is incredibly easy! I emailed it to myself and posted it to Flickr so that in the future i can add it to business cards and/or stickers. I was also thinking about making a t-shirt with the code for the upcoming IAMDA conference in October (and wondered if it would be possible to get a temporary tattoo with the design). You can see some creative ways that the codes can be used on the Moo blog.

Finally, I was thinking QR codes would be great for a high tech scavenger hunt. If you have any suggestions on creative ways to use QR codes please put them in the comments.


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