TiLT: Lots of Lush and a Tiny Mexican Wrestler

Mother's Day Lush


At the beginning of each week I begin to think about what to write about for TiLT. Luckily this weekend I got some wonderful things to photograph and write about. I received some Lush bath stuff for mothers day which I had to photograph before it melts away in the tub.

Colorful Lush


I went to a fun opening at Blast Gallery and came home with a tiny Mexican Wrestler. I’ve had an affinity for Mexican Wrestlers ever since seeing Los Strait Jackets at Maxwell’s in Hoboken.

Tiny Red Mexican Wrestler


I also found this great little bag at Blast for carrying my art supplies for Dr. Sketchy. It’s about the size of a notebook but it looks pretty sturdy and hopefully water proof (for when drinks are spilled). I brought it with me to the Jack The Ripper Themed Dr. Sketchy on Sunday and it fitted neatly under my chair. I will be posting drawings from that session featuring Stoya and Jiz Lee as soon as I get them scanned in.

New art bag (not my artwork)



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2 responses to “TiLT: Lots of Lush and a Tiny Mexican Wrestler

  1. nice wrestler! are there any masks in your collection?

  2. Rita Flores

    Thanks! I don’t have any masks yet, but I’m hoping it will be one of my next purchases at Blast. Here’s a link to a mask I like: http://www.blast.enstore.com/item/lucha-libre-mask-mascara-dorada

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