Amazing Sketchbook Pro for IPad Update

Jeremy for JKPP

Last week Autodesk released an amazing update to the Sketchbook Pro app for the iPad. I am very excited about some of the new brushes they have added, and have tried some of them out on the painting of Jeremy, above. There are several brushes that look like wet paint drips or splotches that I’ve used in that painting.

There is a beautiful, new opening graphic when you first open up the app:


There is also a new user interface with a brush palette on the left and a color palette on the right:


One aspect that I’m most excited about is the in app store which feature some different varieties of brushes. I’m looking forward to trying out some of the new brushes. You can literally spend hours testing out the various brushes. I also like the eraser because you can vary the opacity of the erasure.

This newest update has made Sketchbook Pro a must have art tool for artists and creatives!


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One response to “Amazing Sketchbook Pro for IPad Update

  1. Glad you like the new update!

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