TiLT: Creativity-There’s an App For That

Screen shot of app store essentials-painting and drawing

I have to admit that my title is a little misleading. Can an iPad app make you more creative? Well, it might make being more creative a little easier if you have more tools at your disposal.

I was visiting the app store the other night and noticed that there was a banner for “App Store Essentials – Painting and Drawing”. This was the first time I had seen all these apps grouped together this way. This is really good news for both artists and new iPad owners who are looking for some of the best apps to start out with. When I first got my iPad the art apps could only be found in the Productivity or Lifestyle sections of the app store. I found out about most of my favorite apps through other artists on Flickr – and one of my favorite things is trying to figure out how other artists were achieving certain effects.

You can see from the screen shot all of the apps I have installed so far. If you look at my blog or Flickr you can see my work with Brushes, ArtRage, Inkpad, and Sketchbook mobile. As I mentioned in an earlier post, if you have the means and the space on your iPad, try as many of these as you can, because it’s only through practice and experimentation that you will find the one that works best for you. I also like to do app “mash ups” where i combine several apps in one picture. Sketch Club was also just updated and I’m looking forward to trying out it’s new features.

What apps would you recommend to an artist who wants to try mobile art?


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