Night At The Carribean: Inkpad on iPad

Night At The Carribean, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

The other day I came across a picture of Anne Francis from Forbidden Planet on Tumbler. I really liked the pose and thought it would really lend itself to Inkpad. I love using Inkpad when I want to create something with a more retro kitchy feel. In this picture I was experimenting with using collage elements along with the vector drawing. You can now create more transparent colors with Inkpad which I like because it’s not as flat. I added in one of my photos from the Caribbean Motel in Wildwood for the room interior. Inkpad just had a major update today so I’m really looking forward to experimenting with the app some more. As I’ve mentioned before, I have no real experience with vector drawing so it’s a challenge to start from scratch, but I’m loving all the crazy, cartoony shapes I can draw with this app.


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Filed under Art, Collage, Drawing, iPad Art, Painting

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