Things I love Thursday: Daniel Johnston and Record Store Day

Cover of Daniel Johnston CD

Hipstmatic photo of Cover of Daniel Johnston CD

About two weeks ago a bought Daniel Johnston‘s CD Yip Jump Music at Blast Gallery. Johnston is a singer, songwriter and artist who I first heard about from the film “The Devil and Daniel Johnston”. This is one of the first CDs that I’ve bought in years, since I’ve gotten most my music on iTunes. The cd included a poster of his artwork and the lyrics on the other side. It brought back great memories of opening up a new cd or album and listening it to the first time while reading the lyrics and liner notes.

Inside of Daniel Johnston CD

Hipstamatic photo of Inside of Daniel Johnston CD

On a related note, this Saturday is Record Store Day. I really miss record stores. I miss the little independent stores and the big chains like Virgin and Tower. Whenever we would visit a new city we would always stop at a record store. Two that stand out were Revolver Records on 8th Street and the Tower Records on Broadway, NYC. Another one was seeing David Bowie at the Spectrum in Phillie with Polyphonic Spree opening up and picking up the Polyphonic Spree album in Phillie and listening to it on the drive home. I even miss that musty smell of the stores and the way your fingers were covered with dust after you had handled all the old album covers.

I also worked in a record store during my formative years and it was probably one of the most fun jobs I’ve ever had. My friend David also wrote a blog post about it here. Yes, it was a little like High Fidelity with a little bit of Empire Records thrown in. We are still in touch with some of the friends from the record store. A lot of wonderful people who really did influence my life (and still do). I’ll have to write about this more in a future post.

Will record stores make a come back? Will people want to return to a more tangible form of music?



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2 responses to “Things I love Thursday: Daniel Johnston and Record Store Day

  1. Nice post. (And thanks for the link.)

    I don’t know if they’ll make a comeback, I kind of think not. But I know I enjoy going to them still. I was in Austin last year and visited a nifty place, Friends of Sound Records, and spent about $10 dollars on four LP, including an Ike and Tina Turner Gospel record. Not a bad deal.

    It smelled and felt like a record store, especially one that sold used records.

    Next up on the heading-for-extinction list: used book stores.

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