Dr. Sketchy’s Tribute To Cynthia Von Buhler

Pencil on Moleskine/Brushes and ArtRage on iPad

Last weekend I attended Dr. Sketchy’s Tribute to Cynthia Von Buhler at the Bowery Poetry Club in New York City. I have to say that this was one of my favorite sessions so far. Both models were beautiful, but the model with the white powdered wig, Sucre d’Orge looked as if she stepped out of a Fragonard painting. In my picture above the models were recreating one of Cynthia Von Buhler’s paintings.  After writing this I found Cynthia Von Buhler’s blog post about the event that includes a wonderful video of the event here.

Cynthia Von Buhler gave away her Cynth-o-matic capsules to all who attended and performed a magic trick with a live dove at the end of the session.  The talented Howard Fishman (guitar) and Russell Farhang (violin) performed onstage with the models and added an extra special magical feeling to the event.


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