Portrait of a Blogger: Jessica Mullen

Jessica Mullen

Portrait of Jessica Mullen: Toonpaint, Brushes and ArtRage on iPad

I am starting a series of portraits of bloggers who inspire me and my first subject is Jessica Mullen.  I discovered Jessica Mullen’s blog about a month ago through Gala Darling’s blog post “I want to be a…Lifestreamer“.  Since then I’ve been visiting her blog regularly and reading about how to become a lifestreamer.  Jessica has a very positive site and I like to check it out for inspiration and insights into blogging.  She also creates worksheets and you can see one of them here.  My painting is from one of her photos on her site, using Toonpaint, Brushes and ArtRage on my iPad.



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3 responses to “Portrait of a Blogger: Jessica Mullen

  1. jessicaemullen

    Rita, THANK YOU so much for this beautiful portrait and post! You are an inspirational artist! Much love to you!

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