Things I Love Thursday – PT Walkley’s “The Ghost of Chivalry”

PT Walkley

PT Walkley – ArtRage on iPad

I was fortunate to be one of the first people to listen to PT Walkley’s new EP “The Ghost of Chivalry”.  I have never really reviewed music, but these are my first impressions. The EP consists of three songs.  My favorite song is “Save the World”.  The songs starts out quietly with the sounds of crickets and builds up into a truly magical song.  This is the kind of song that lifts your spirits, the perfect driving song.  You know that kind of song, where you may be driving home after a bad day at work and it just automatically changes your mood from bad to good.  I’m hoping this gets played on some local stations so I can hear it full blast in my car.  My favorite line from the song is: “In the summer of 07 when I found out there was heaven in your heart”.

“Love You Dearly” has a trippy, lush arrangement and reminds me of some of my favorite artists, from Marc Bolan to ELO and Polyphonic Spree.  “This is the Sound”, a favorite line from this song is “This is the sound of your life getting better”.   I love the positive aspects of the song.  It has an anthemic quality kind of like one of my favorite songs, the Waterboys’ “The Whole of the Moon”, another song where you feel uplifted after hearing it.

The EP will be available for pre order here.  I’m really looking forward to hearing it blasting in my car and while painting.


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