Things I Love Thursday: Wonder Woman and Mac

Tribute To Wonder Woman Issue 178

Tribute to Wonder Woman Issue 178, ArtRage on iPad

Yesterday I received an email from Mac Cosmetics about the new Wonder Woman collection.  It brought back memories of reading Wonder Woman comics when I was (a lot) younger.  My favorite look for Wonder Woman was in the last 1960’s when she was known as “Diana Prince: The New Wonder Woman”.  She had abandoned the red, white and blue costume for more mod clothes reminiscent of Emma Peele from the Avengers.  I remember having some of the original issues but have long forgotten where i have packed them away to.  I found this cover of Issue 178 originally by Mike Setkowsky on this blog and thought it might be fun to reinterpret it with ArtRage on the iPad.

I’m looking forward to going out this weekend and trying out (and maybe buying) some of the new Mac Wonder Woman line.



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3 responses to “Things I Love Thursday: Wonder Woman and Mac

  1. Really? A Mac line? That’s too funny! Did you know (if they can get it past the legal maelstrom that surrounds the property) there’s going to be another tv series? I’m kind of curious; they could actually do her magic lasso and invisible jet well onscreen nowadays.

  2. Rita Flores

    I haven’t heard anything about a tv show but i just went to the DC site and they have her in a new costume with leggings. There’s a pretty cool cover that looks like off a take off of DaVinci

  3. I love watching wonder woman before. Me too got a lovely memories of it.

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