Delirium At Dr. Sketchy’s Tribute to Neil Gaiman’s Sandman

Last weekend was an epic Dr. Sketchy’s weekend for me. On Saturday I brought several pictures to the Center City Galleries in Paterson for a Dr. Sketchy North Jersey group show that will be up for the month of February. On Sunday I attended Dr. Sketchy’s tribute to Neil Gaiman’s Sandman which was one of the more amazing sessions i’ve been to. It was jam packed with “art monkeys” sitting on the stage. Stoya was Death, Johnny Blazes was Desire and Tess Aquarium was Delirium. The costumes were fantastic, especially Delirium’s butterflies “flying” around her head.

Death and Delirium @ Dr. Sketchy's tribute to Neil Gaiman's Sandman

Stoya as Death @ Dr. Sketchy's Tribute to Sandman


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