Still Life With Drawing-ArtRage on iPad

Still Life With Drawing-artrage, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

This is a still life in my Studio using an antique corn teapot and some retro salt and pepper shakers. The drawing in the background is a very old self portrait. I was experimenting with the layers function in ArtRage to vary the brushstrokes in the painting. The layers in ArtRage are a little different than in Brushes so with each app you have discover the secrets to each one.



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5 responses to “Still Life With Drawing-ArtRage on iPad

  1. I love your painting Rita – and thanks for the useful tip about layers in Brushes and ArtRage. I’m only just now discovering Art Rage. It’s marvellous but takes a bit of learning.

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  3. Rita Flores

    Thanks! I’ve been using ArtRage for a couple of months and it’s just finally “clicking” for me. I’ve barely scratched the surface but it’s fun to experiment with the different brushes and pallette knives.

  4. Nice work Rita. I’m in love with AR and use it for my paintings a lot.

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