Lovely Ladies in Black and White-Hipstamatic 190 Update


Lovely ladies in Black and White, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

I woke up this morning to find the Hipstamatic 190 update had finally arrived in the app store. A lot of Hipsta addicts (including me) have been compulsively checking for the update for a couple weeks. There is always excitement whenever a Hipstamatic update is anticipated. I think this is one of the more fun aspects of the app because it is always adding lenses or films, so your experience with the app is constantly changing. This photo is a test of the new Claunch 72 Monochrome film with the Melodie lens. I will be experimenting with more combinations with the film.  The film is more warm and grainy.

In the background you can see my Kim Boekbinder “impossible girl” print by Molly Crabapple.



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3 responses to “Lovely Ladies in Black and White-Hipstamatic 190 Update

  1. Love your lovely ladies Rita! I only recently discovered Hipstamatic and I do find it gives some wonderful effects.

  2. Rita Flores

    Thanks again! Yes, hipstamatic does give wonderful effects and I love the element of surprise when mixing different lenses and films.

  3. Jamie

    Are those more from your collection? Very cool. 🙂

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