Creating a Digital Collage Using Hipstamatic iPhotos and Brushes on iPad

There has been a lot of discussions on Flickr and around various blogs about the use of Hipstamatic and iphoneography in general. I’ve been using the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone for quite a while as a source of images for my digital collages. I like to use images that I create as opposed to appropriating other peoples images. When I’m out and about I am always looking for interesting things to incorporate into my collages. I also use various photo altering apps such as Picture Show and PhotoShop Mobile on the Hipstamatic photos.

Next I use Brushes on my iPad to create the collages. I work in layers and I am able to create transparencies and erasures on each layer. I can work very quickly and I can duplicate images numerous times.

Hipstamatic photo altered with Picture Show

Hipstamatic Photo using the Dali Goodpack Dream Canvas film

Altered Hipstamatic Photo

Text from a vintage book altered on the iPad

Pencil drawing on Moleskine notebook from Dr. Sketchy’s “Black Dahlia” Session

Digitally “aged” drawing

Finished collage using the Brushes app on the iPad



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2 responses to “Creating a Digital Collage Using Hipstamatic iPhotos and Brushes on iPad

  1. WolvesRiot

    Thanks so much for breaking down your process like this. I’ve admired your work on Flikr for a while now and it’s great to be able to see the processing behind your work.

  2. Rita Flores

    Thanks so much! I’m always a little torn about how much of my process to reveal, but it seems that the posts that are most popular are my little tutorials. For me the most fun part of looking at other people’s mobile/digital work is trying to figure out what apps they used and how.

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