Dr. Sketchy Does Warhol’s Factory in Brooklyn

Hipstamatic iPhoneography

I went to the Dr. Sketchy does Warhol’s Factory event last night in Brooklyn.  It was a wonderful evening of art, music and interesting snacks.

I was fortunate enough to win the door prize which was a beautiful Moleskines watercolor pad.  When I first read that Moleskines pads were to be given out to the first 20 people I expected a pocket-sized book, but was happily surprised to find that the book was quite large (12 by 16.5 inches).  Except for a couple of 5 minute sketches in the beginning I used the Moleskines pad the whole night.

The models were dressed as various Warhol/Factory characters such as Edie, Ultraviolet, Basquiat, Grace Jones, and two Marilyns (a canary yellow haired Marilyn and a platinum blond Marilyn).  The models did various poses together on stage and around the venue.

We tried some of the snacks and my favorite were the handmade caffeinated  marshmallows.  They were very light an fluffy and were supposed to have the same amount of caffein as a Redbull.  Sam really like the macaroons.

The music was one of the highlights of the evening for me.  Kim Boekbinder performing some of her songs from her album “The Impossible Girl“.  She was visually stunning with her pink hair and sparkling eyes.  I’ve seen her videos online but but it was great to see her perform the songs live.  She used a recording pedal to create backing vocals and rhythms while she played the songs, which Sam said reminded him of Les Paul.  Another highlight was the playlist for the evening which included a lot of David Bowie, Velvet Underground and solo Lou Reed.  I heard one of the songs from Lou Reed’s “Songs for Drella” which brought back great memories of seeing Lou Reed perform the album in its entirety as BAM.

So altogether a pretty interesting, fun and productive night, drawing wise for me.  I’m looking forward to seeing the photos on the Sketchy blog when they are posted.  I’m still in the process of scanning everything in but here are two five minute sketches I did in the beginning of the evening:

5 minute drawing/Pencil on Moleskine

5 minute sketch/Pencil on Moleskins


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