Hello Dali 2: Loving the Hipstamatic Dali Museum GoodPack


Hipstamatic Dali Museum Good pack, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

This is a screenshot of the camera face for the new Dali Museum Goodpack for the Hipstamatic app. I just think it looks really neat to have Dali looking back at you while you take a pictures.  The description of the GoodPack as posted on the Hipstamatic site:

“The Dalí Museum GoodPak, the first of Hipstamatic’s GoodPak Series. Capture a surreal world through the Salvador Lens. Proceeds from the GoodPak go directly to the Dalí Museum, St. Petersburg, Florida.”

I’ve just started taking pictures with it over the last couple of days. I love the random quality of the shots and as I posted before, I love the canvas like quality of the film. I also think these photos will be great for creating digital collages.  From what I’ve seen on Flickr and the Hipstamatic Facebook page, people are very excited about this new pack, and I think its wonderful that so many people who might not otherwise be taking photos are using Hipstamatic to express their creativity.


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2 responses to “Hello Dali 2: Loving the Hipstamatic Dali Museum GoodPack

  1. I love it as well! I have been taking photos with it all weekend and love the film with the Bettie XL lens. Super fun! Off to look at your photos on flickr 🙂

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