A Tribute to Judy Garland – Drawing at Dr. Sketchy Northern NJ

The Diva, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

Brushes and vihgo on iPhone.

I went to the Dr. Sketchy North Jersey drawing session last week at the Clash Bar in Clifton, New Jersey.  The theme was a tribute to Judy Garland.  They played Judy Garland music while the model was posing and at one point a man and a woman sitting next to me were singing along with “Someone to Watch Over Me”.  As they sang it reminded me of a scene in a movie where something reminds the main character of past events and they go into a flash back.  My flashback was to the early 90’s when I was drawing every saturday at my friend Bobbies studio.  She would play old mix tapes of Chet Baker, Billy Holiday and other jazz singers and at some point of the session the whole group would be singing along to the music.

I really liked the Clash Bar.  There were three lava lamps behind the bar, so I knew it was my kind of place.  There were posters hanging on the walls of Andy Warhol, the Beatles, and of course the Clash.  It reminded me a lot of two bars that I frequented when I was younger: Aldos, which has since been leveled to the ground, and the Loop Lounge, where I once exhibited a painting.  I would like to go to the Clash Bar on a regular night to see what the vibe is really like.


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One response to “A Tribute to Judy Garland – Drawing at Dr. Sketchy Northern NJ

  1. I have been going to Dr. Sketchy Grand Rapids, MI and I have gotten some cool art. I would love to try my iphone for the art, but I am doing traditional sketches and drawings right now in there because I am so rusty at those. I want to get an ipad which would be a little more conducive to the loose feeling that I am working with. We shall she. I love the atmosphere of Dr. Sketchy, in a bar etc. I feel like I am Toulouse Lautrec in a Paris bar or something fun like that.

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