My Love Affair with addLib Continues…Anne Watkins NYC – Perfect

Anne Watkins NYC – Perfect, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

Created for Julia Kay’s Portrait Party using addLib and Brushes for Ipad.  A little more than a month ago I had posted my first portrait of Anne Watkins I created on the iPhone using Brushes and Photoshop Mobile.  I had noticed that Anne added a beautiful baby picture to her photos for the Portrait Party so I decided to try it out and see what it looked like using addLib.  One of the designs that it randomly generated reminded me of the shirt Anne was wearing in the first photo I worked on.  Another thing I love about addLib is that it randomly picks words that seem to fit the photo so well.  For the baby picture it generated the word “Perfect”.  I decided to “repurpose” my first picture of Anne into this collage.   Finally I used the Brushes iPad app to create a collage using its layers function.  You can make adjustments to the transparency of each layer which I find really adds to the experience of creating a digital collage.


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