Cecil Beaton – Version 2: A Tutorial on Combining Sketchbook Mobile, Brushes and addLib iPhone Apps

I created a second  version of the Cecil Beaton picture that I posted a couple of days ago.  I will go through the steps of creating the picture for a short tutorial on mixing several different apps.  I find that I like using different elements of several apps together, i.e. I like the quality of the lines that I can achieve using Sketchbook Mobile but find that I use Brushes for “painting” the picture.

I created the initial sketch using Sketchbook Mobile because there are two different “brushes” that I love to use which are unique to that app.

I opened up the picture in Brushes and continued to “paint” the figure loosely.

Next I opened up the image in Jackson Pollock.

Next I went back into Brushes to clean up some of the Jackson Pollock “drips”.

I went back into Sketchbook mobile to add a few different brush strokes in her hair and on the necklace.  I was really unhappy with one of the hands and wanted to create the collage to obscure the hand.

I created two images using the addLib App and created the collage using the Layers app:

This is the final version:

After looking at the progression of the image just now I realize that I lost a lot of the line quality from the Sketchbook Mobile version to the Brushes version.  The Brushes version looks more like an ink drawing.  I’m still not sure which version I like better but the first version seems to have gotten a more positive response on Flickr so far.  Which version do you like better ?



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2 responses to “Cecil Beaton – Version 2: A Tutorial on Combining Sketchbook Mobile, Brushes and addLib iPhone Apps

  1. Hi Rita, just a thank you for taking the time and trouble to explain the processes you use, its sooo exciting isn’t it? I have just discovered an animation app that really interests me too. I really like the inventive work you do, it is rich and has loads of angles.

  2. ritaflores

    Thanks, Jane. Yes, I find all these apps exciting too because I’m never sure of what the finished picture will look like when I start out.

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