A look back on 2009

Looking back at this year I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot with my artwork.  The year went a little like this (the condensed version):
I joined Twitter because I was curious about it.  I started posting some of my artwork that i made with iPhone apps.  Next I joined Flickr where I found so many creative people that inspired me to make even more art.   A piece of my artwork was accepted into the iCreated Gallery.  I started following @Kim on Twitter, joined her #Artwalk site and found more artists to follow.  I was the featured artist on the Just IPhone Art blog.  Lastly, I started this blog after months of debating whether I should, or even could make the time to update it regularly.  I am still in the process of learning WordPress and have been tweeking the blog as I learn how to do new things.
Along the way I’ve met a lot of wonderful people on Twitter and Flickr who have really inspired and encouraged me to keep creating.  I’m sending the best to all of you for this New Year!


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Filed under Art, Collage, iPhone Art

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