Tutorial: Creating Digital Collages using Layers iPhone App

A while back I had created a tutorial for creating digital collages with Sketchbook Mobile.  One of my favorite iPhone Apps for creating collages is Layers. When I first got Layers I was disappointed in it after seeing all the impressive artwork that other “fingepainters” were creating.  It took me about a month to really figure out how to use Layers.  I usually do a mash up of several apps when use Layers, importing artwork i’ve made from Brushes and Sketchbook Mobile.

In this collage I’ve used an abstract design I created in Sketchbook Mobile for the bottom layer:

I added some collage elements from photos I had taken and a Lotteria card:

Photo taken at Antique Store

Lotteria Card

I layered these elements over an old black and white photo that I tinted using a clear layer.

Lastly I added text from a book.  I Layered the images together and used the eraser tool to edit out parts of the pictures I didn’t want:

Screen shot of the layering process


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