Art Every Day – Self Portrait or Avatar?

Self portrait with star, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

There was a time when i painted a lot of self portraits out of necessity – i couldn’t really afford to pay models. Then i totally removed myself from the equation when i started doing mainly landscapes. Some might say, though, that the artist is always present in their art no matter whether it is a landscape, still life, or abstract painting.

Since joining Twitter and Flickr I’ve been thinking about how a person’s avatar represents the artist to the world. I’ve read articles on “branding yourself on Twitter” and how your choice of avatar is very important to whether people will follow you and take you seriously as an artist.

I created this self portrait/avatar using a photo taken on my mac with Photo Booth and modified with Sketchbook Mobile, Layers and Photo Finish.




Filed under Art, Collage, iPhone Art

2 responses to “Art Every Day – Self Portrait or Avatar?

  1. Very cool portrait! I like the layers and energy of it.

  2. ritaflores

    Thanks, Leah!

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